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Our clients & installations 

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Essar Bulk Terminal Limited 
Surat , Gujarat .

Essar Vizag Terminals Limited , Andhra Pradesh .
Paragon Polymer Products Pvt. Ltd. - Telangana , INDIA

Boston Ivy Healthcare Solutions Pvt Ltd.
Mumbai , Maharashtra , INDIA 


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       TRUTH BIOMEDICAL Consider our  Distributor as Our Asset of Business. We Used to Trained them with Technical Knowledge and Business Skills. 

They are an Integral Part of Our Team. 

Our Business Policy is all about Motivating the Distributor who is attached to Medical Equipment. We Integrate them with our Journey. 

We Integrate the World with Our Distributors, There Confidence on us Makes us Great. 

General Terms and Conditions for Exclusive Distributors:


1.  For exclusivity, there will be a minimum commitment of business - either in terms of a number of units or turnover value. Please suggest your area of operation and the minimum business commitment for 2020-21.


2.  Exclusivity will be bilateral - i.e. you can not sell - directly or indirectly - any other products which are competing for our products. and in return, TRUTH BIOMEDICAL will also assure that all business within your territory will be diverted to you only. 


3.  TRUTH BIOMEDICAL will provide Free Training to your team members - twice in a year. The training will include Installation, Service and general preventive maintenance.


4.  If you want, we can also provide sales training.


5.  Installation and service (either within warranty period and post-warranty), will be distributors' responsibility. TRUTH BIOMEDICAL Service team, however, will be available on the telephone, in case of any further support requirement.