TRUTH BIOMEDICAL has the Largest Range of Worldclass Medical Equipment at Affordable Prices. We are Very Much active with our Product Range, we welcome All the Orders Globally. 

C-Arm Machine 

Digital Radiography System

We have a Worldclass Patient Monitor and Ultrasound with Color Doppler & 4D Facility. 



Mission Statement: Encourage Healthcare Organisation by Providing High-End Medical Equipment. 

Objective: Sell medical equipment Globally, Be socially Responsible, Receive Validation from Healthcare Community. 

Value Proposition: Scientifically Proven to Get the Highest Standard of Results through this medical equipment. Entertain Global Healthcare Community with our solutions.  International Certification Received Such as ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485, CE, etc. 

TRUTH BIOMEDICAL medical equipment to improve the diagnostic performance and creating excellence in Healthcare Segment. 

​TRUTH BIOMEDICAL Brand -mammography machine, digital radiology machine, digital x ray machine, digital C-Arm system, C-Arm machine, medical ultrasound machine, color doppler machine, 4d doppler ultrasound machine, ct scan machine, mri machine, 1.5 tesla MRI machine for Global Market . 

TRUTH BIOMEDICAL always work for the betterment of Healthcare; empowering healthcare with the best possible way.

We will be happy to associate with your future projects; with mutual understanding & shared value we can create more & more positive changes to healthcare. TRUTH BIOMEDICAL is known for medical equipment and supplies manufacturing. TRUTH BIOMEDICAL is also known as global medical equipment supplies in INDIA. TRUTH BIOMEDICAL medical equipment online store gives an opportunity globally to buy this product digitally with the help of our website. TRUTH BIOMEDICAL encourage buy medical equipment online in INDIA, we are known as medical equipment supply store. Our Global Presence has enhance our power as Medical Equipment Company.

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